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1. Q. What is Account Pin and why should I enter it here?

A. This is not your bank account pin. It is a four digit pin you will need to authorize any transaction on StrePay.com. It is a way of securing the fund in your wallet on StrePay such that no one can use your money without the Pin. Please do not share this pin with anyone. 

2. Q. How Can I generate PIN if I register through Google Account?

A. If you register through Google account, after login, you should go to Account Settings page and click on "Create Account PIN" to create a new transaction PIN.

But If you register by filling the registration form, you would have generated a PIN from the page but if you can't remeber your PIN you can get a new PIN using reset PIN from your Account Settings page. Click on Account Settings and select "Reset Account Pin / Change Pin" on Reset Account Pin section, click on "Submit" and you will get an email to reset your PIN.

3. Q. Why am I being charged extra when I want to fund my wallet?

A. The charges you see when you want to fund your wallet is from the payment platform that process the transaction. But our cashback system will always compensate for the charges you incur. To refund this charges back to you, we have put cashback system in place such that every single transaction will always give you cash in return. In some cases, like MTN data sub, you will always get more than the charges in return as cashback. 

4.  Q. I didn’t receive any activation email when I register.

A. When you register, StrePay always send an activation link to your email. But in a situation where you didn’t see it in your inbox, kindly check your spam or junk folder and click on the link to activate your account. If you still didn’t see it, try to fill the registration form again and be sure you enter the email correctly or contact our support desk on support @ strepay.com.

5. Q. What is the difference between agent and user account?

A. User account is a customer account system but agent account is more than that. Agent account is a business partnership account system for those who want to be making money on StrePay. When you upgrade to become an agent, you will always receive more cashback than the user account. To become an agent, it is required that you upgrade your account with N1,500. 

6. Q. How can I make money as a StrePay agent?

A. When you become an agent, you can be making minimum of 100k per month. Apart from more cashback you receive, you have the liberty to sell our products a little higher than the normal price to your customers which will give you more money.

7. Q. What is Cashback? 

A.  Cashback is a form of reward we give to our customers for choosing our platform. You receive the cash refund in your cashback wallet after making transactions. 

For example, when you do MTN 1GB sub, we will give you cash back into your cashback wallet. You can move the cash from your cashback wallet into your account wallet and use the cask to buy any other thing on the website

8. Q. What is a wallet?

A. Wallet is a type of electronic card which you can load or fund for the purpose of making transactions online. Your StrePay wallet can only be used for transactions on strepay.com. 

9. Q. What is a Cashback wallet? 

Cashback wallet on StrePay is the wallet that receives every cashback we give you when you make transactions. You will need to move the fund in your cashback wallet into your account wallet before you can use it. 

10. What is Virtual Account? 

A. Virtual account is an online bank account created virtually and linked to your wallet. 

Money deposited into your StrePay virtual account will be automatically credited to your StrePay wallet. You can also save your virtual account as beneficiary into your bank account to fund your StrePay wallet at anytime you want.